Monday, August 17, 2015

Elmo Cake How To (or not to!) and the Painting!

Filling in a special request for an Elmo painting and a Birthday Cake!  :)
Bake your cake! Mine was triple chocolate fudge with white icing.
Just one 13 x 9" layer to keep it simple.
After I frosted it, I realized I forgot to buy food color and couldn't find my
decorating tips (too late to go back to the store) so make sure you have everything first!  ;)
Luckily I had the red, orange & black colors.
Blue or green or yellow even background would've
been nice so Elmo's white eyes didn't blend in with the white cake. That's why the last minute smear of
marbled orange around the outsides.
I tried to outlined the whole Elmo in black, but
that was proving to be a disaster if black ever touches anything else it will be there for life, so
forget that risk!
 I'm showing it anyway 'cause things don't always turn out like the way cool image in my mind!
So if you are still interested in know how I did this, here ya go:

  • frosted the sides and top
  • sketched an Elmo shape on sheet of paper (use a coloring book if u can't draw), then cut him out and placed him where I wanted on the cake.
  • used a Toothpick to draw outline in the frosting around the Elmo shape.

  • Filled in with RED frosting
  • Used 2 orange slices candies stuck together for the nose (you can cut the candies to shape oval).
  • Used a JUMBO marshmallow for the eyes. (cut a slice off the top and bottom about a 1/2" thick slice)
  • filled a baggie (clip corner) with black icing to draw on the mouth, Pupils in Eyes and the lettering.  
This would be really super simple if using the right tools!
Ah well so I am at least happy with how the painting turned out, since this is not my usual subject matter!
This Elmo is a 20x16" on canvas.

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