Friday, December 28, 2012

The Java Mama: Starbucks Holiday Drink Recipes

"Latté Cat" is form the KeCat series and just seemed fitting for a Starbucks coffee drink :)
Love my Starbucks, but it's nice to whip up my own and now thanks to Java Mama, I can! 
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Our Ecosystems are connected, if it can happen here it can happen where YOU live!
(Just thinking this old story connected?)
This is how you flush an entire lake down a hole. An exploratory drilling exercise miscalculates the location of a salt mine while drilling through a lake bed. The mine is hit, and the oil derek, the mine, the lake, and a few barges are a total loss.  Here's the amazing video!

Sinkhole radiation 15 times over limit, residents urged to record health signs

A non-government group is urging Bayou Corne sinkhole area residents to use a new record log as a veteran radiation expert says Louisiana environmental officials are “in denial” over hazards posed by elevated radium levels that are actually fifteen times higher than the state limit, a "worst nightmare coming true," according to an environmental attorney.
Stanley Waligora, a New Mexico-based radiation protection consultant and leading authority on health risks of naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) has confirmed that radium levels at Bayou Corne's sinkholeare not within safe limits, but instead, roughly 15 times higher than the state's acceptable level, according to one of the nation's leading environmental attorney's Stuart Smith.

read the whole story here>

Saturday, August 11, 2012

No Smog, Fresh Air!

   The sky was sunny,
the day was hot, 
the mosquitoes were biting,
tried to paint, but mostly swat!   

Collectible Original Art Trade Cards Available Here blahblahblahLOL

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Poison in Our Waterways is destroying the Ecosystem bit by bit

If you wouldn't drink round-up then common sense tells us not to feed it to the environment.  Though someone told me they once witnessed a $ale$ rep did a demo 2 show how ahem.. 'safe' it was and drank it.....yeah right, I doubt an unsealed bottle off the shelf....more like a prop 4 all the gullible pa$$er$by.... (I won't mention the home improvement store since I love that place, LOL!)  

When You Know Better, You Do Better. ;)    Now, how do I get rid of the rest of mine? the solid waste authority? What do they do with it? 

Most Commonly Used Herbicide Found to be Carcinogenic

As if the health hazards of genetically altered food crops weren't bad enough, glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, has also been deemed a major health hazard both to the environment, and to animal and human health. It is toxic to human cells, and according to a French research team, it is also carcinogenic. The team has studied the herbicide extensively, and published at least five articles on glysphosate's potential for wide-ranging environmental and human harmi. Their research shows that glyphosate:
  • Causes cell cycle dysregulation, which is a hallmark of tumor cells and human cancers
  • Inhibits DNA synthesis in certain parts of the cell cycle—the process by which cells reproduce that underlies the growth and development of all living organisms
  • Impedes the hatchings of sea urchins. (Sea urchins were used because they constitute an appropriate model for the identification of undesirable cellular and molecular targets of pollutants.) The delay was found to be dose dependent on the concentration of Roundup. The surfactant polyoxyethylene amine (POEA), another major component of Roundup, was also found to be highly toxic to the embryos when tested alone, and could therefore be a contributing factor
It doesn't matter that the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health recently published "research" to the contraryii, the French team says―the world needs to know the truth about who did that "safety-finding" research. It was funded by none other than Monsanto itself! Is it any wonder they came to the conclusion that:
"[T]he available literature shows no solid evidence linking glyphosate exposure to adverse developmental or reproductive effects at environmentally realistic exposure concentrations."
The new Monsanto-funded safety research actually used the French team's original research to debunk the evidence that Roundup could have human or environmental safety issues. And that didn't sit well with the French team, which was so angered they wrote a detailed response to Monsanto's article, accusing the researchers of minimalizing the French group's work and publishing misleading information.  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

St Augustine Fl - Painting w/ Roger Bansemer

Spent Mother's Day wk end learning some things from master painter, Roger Bansemer!
He paints from photos which was a challenge for me since I have a hard time copying...
I get into a zone and forget about the photo LOL, ending up not staying 'on task'.
Here's Roger demonstrating and see the cabbage palm on the easel to the left? It's mine :) he gave it to me!
His studio is located in St. Augustine on Anastasia Island neat the lighthouse if you get a chance
to drop by and see his amazing works!

The 2nd photo is result of early AM trek 1.2 miles w/ my heavy art supplies to the workshop....
EVERY SINGLE view is photo worthy and the early morning sun was perfect and hardly any pedestrians out yet, so no getting in the way of distance shots ;)
Here's a tip 4 ya though, no parking fee on Sundays, but everyone I triple checked with failed to
mention EXCEPT on national holidays, which must include Mother's Day. Thanks. That cost me $55.
I will put up the paintings next post...
oh yea, I have to thank Elise from St Augustine Art Association for the fabulous breakfast!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rainbow Springs Florida

I have been busy painting a whole series of paintings inspired by Rainbow Springs!  :)
Yes, the water really is that turquoise! 
 We paddled down (up?) the river, saw gators and lots of birds!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Kingfisher - Bird art

Kingfisher Kingfisher. Original, Miniature 4x6" painting.

Ke Bead with rainbow bird on front and back.
2" tab bead, hole runs vertical / lengthwise to use as drop pendant (or ?) in your designs.

Use special code,  20KeROB  for 20% off storewide in my WildPelican Shop!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012

This Friday's Ebay Auctions

For this week I managed to finish a landscape HERE
These are just like my gallery pieces except without the expensive matting and framing
to keep the cost down for those of you who know how to professionally frame them or
just like picking out your own frame.

This is Hal, he is vintage, LOL!   He is up for adoption HERE .
Back when I first started painting cats, each one had their own lineage 
Hal is the original ancestor in this line and the main characteristic is the tufts of face hair, reminds me of Calmity Sam.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cold, Cold Go Away!

Finished another cat, it is brrrrrr...FREEZING in the studio, so
haven't really wanted to hang out and paint!
This weeks specials can be seen  HERE.
Right now I am taking short bursts and working on "Valentine Cat"!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A whole litter of CATS!

I only have a few more left of this size, 8x24" ,
 this is the only litter I painted, and don't think I've ever listed it just because of that...
you can see how they've kind of changed a bit over the years.
HERE is the listing if you want to check it out :)

Also, for those of you who like my landscapes, I have THIS ONE from 2009... I've hoarded it long enough, LOL!