Tuesday, May 15, 2012

St Augustine Fl - Painting w/ Roger Bansemer

Spent Mother's Day wk end learning some things from master painter, Roger Bansemer!
He paints from photos which was a challenge for me since I have a hard time copying...
I get into a zone and forget about the photo LOL, ending up not staying 'on task'.
Here's Roger demonstrating and see the cabbage palm on the easel to the left? It's mine :) he gave it to me!
His studio is located in St. Augustine on Anastasia Island neat the lighthouse if you get a chance
to drop by and see his amazing works!

The 2nd photo is result of early AM trek 1.2 miles w/ my heavy art supplies to the workshop....
EVERY SINGLE view is photo worthy and the early morning sun was perfect and hardly any pedestrians out yet, so no getting in the way of distance shots ;)
Here's a tip 4 ya though, no parking fee on Sundays, but everyone I triple checked with failed to
mention EXCEPT on national holidays, which must include Mother's Day. Thanks. That cost me $55.
I will put up the paintings next post...
oh yea, I have to thank Elise from St Augustine Art Association for the fabulous breakfast!

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