Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trapper's Swamp House Texture Painting

Trapper John's Swamp House
 started a while ago, but just completed.
I once canoed past a dilapidated house on the Loxahatchee River and
this swamp house series was the result of it. 
I didn't bring my (expensive) camera just in case and
 it was fortunate because we ended up rolling the canoe, but
not on purpose, (on my part anyway. The bottom is gooey fish poop, GROSS!).
Anyway, I can't even remember what the place looked like, so 
this is purely from memory or imagination, but
the feeling of living on the river as I percieved it is there  :)
This is an 8x10 and one of the few where texture is pronounced.
On canvas panel, fits into an open back frame and 
is on auction HERE!