Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cat art cards for ANY SOLDIER

Finally finished with my care packages to Any Soldier .com !
This was a project from one of my art groups.
We were to send an original piece of art that could be easily
carried around. An art card, ATC / ACEO.
So I signed up for five...these are the ones I painted...
maybe they can give them to the little kids since I forgot to get beanie babies.....do they even still sell them?
Anyway, there are soldiers who get NO letters or packages from home so write to ANY SOLDIER and his/her commander will give your letter to one of their men who receive nothing.
If you would like to send a package, the items they need are listed on the web site along with instructions.
(the link is on the side bar).
You are not supposed to send toiletries in the same
box as food items so I sent a strictly food box; beef jerky, cashews, sour patch kids, gum, and two pairs of ankle high athletic socks....evidently for all the tax $$$ being spent in the name of the war our boys are doing without basic supplies.
Pathetic and Shameful but, with programs like these the American people are picking up the slack. Support our Troops & help bring them home NOW.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Old Florida Cracker House & Royal Poinciana Tree Painting!

I just finished this last week.
Love painting the "Old Florida" culture!
This is an 11x14 inch on canvas original painting.
Everything about a "cracker" house was efficient,
(the word for that escapes me right now). For instance,
the house was purposely built up off the ground.
It not only provided crawl space for the dog & chickens to escape the heat, but
there were spaces between the floor boards to provide
air circulation in an era of no air conditioners!
The shade cooled air would rise & help keep the house comfortable.
As for the bugs, (and we have many in this tropical clime) the chickens
foraging took care of this! Oh there is more that I cannot recall...
just google cracker house for more info!
And leave a comment if you know the word for a building that is
uh..er... ergonomically correct..sorta...that works with the geography instead of against it.......What IS that word?