Sunday, March 30, 2008


Want to do a painting demo of the Statue of Liberty with this song.....
someday when I can carve out enough time...
in the meantime share the song!
Amazon sent me a cell recycling bag to ship to soldiers.
The website is if you are upgrading.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Sweet Dreams" Alice in Wonderland Painting demo

Every so often I add to my "ALICE IN WONDERLAND" series and here's the latest.
It's a mixed media collage meaning anything that's lying around within reaching distance gets glued on! :)
Not wanting to copy the the images created by the Disney artists, my Alice has a unique look. Keeping with the original classic, I left her hair brunette, but updated her coif! Also changed the Disney Artist's version of the blue dress white pinafore. I am still working on this...I change her ensemble each time I paint her! Mostly, the collection is ART TRADE CARDS, (ATC / ACEO) and 4x6" post card art, (OSWOA™). This painting is my 2nd one on canvas that I've finished. The first one was the Cheshire cat.
It's on ebay 3/11/08 and will be back in the website gallery if it doesn't find a home.
Oh yea, click on the blue title above tho see a large photo of this. Sorry the image is so large, but it was the only way to show the images under the transparent layers. You really have to look close! Prints of all of the images embeded into this artwork will be included with this painting if purchased directly from, a little "Thank You" to kick off your "ALICE" collection! :)