Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Foxtail Palm Tropical Painting

Just had to capture this while it had fruit!
Aren't they pretty? Bright, burnt orange about golf ball size!
Botanical name is Woodietia Bifurcata and I want to say it's indigenous to Madagascar, but I really can't remember.
Anyway, it's an 18x24" and for sale, $225.
Also, I made a video of it being painted, check it out!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Blue Macaw & Tropical Ginger Painting

This is actually a painting I did a few years ago, but I changed it a little and posted it for sale at my web site, The Rob Gallery .com
I am able to offer FREE Shipping from artwork bought from since I don't have to pay the high eBay listing & final value fees.
BTW, I will not be listing on eBay for the week of the 13th (Feb.) to participate in the boycott regarding changes to fees & feedback. But, I will always try to keep something up at ABU. is a great place to purchase ART directly from the Original Artsts without the B&M gallery markups!