Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sculpting for a change of pace ;)

WOW! January is just blowing by since I've been busy getting the studio back in order after
 my Everglades Museum Exhibition. 
That was a lot of re-arranging in this cramped space, the studio, not the museum!  LOL!
Anyway, I've been back to sculpting, see the pics! :)
 These are a continuation of an old series that I have decided to make more of.
But I'll need to break again....a studio disaster as far as I'm concerned  ;(
There's a leak above me, so more dust and moving stuff around for construction repairs!  UGH!
Click HERE if you'd like to see more of my Ke BEADS! 

Click here to see my EBAY AUCTIONS set to
go up Wednesday Jan. 27th 
I will be back to painting outdoors again with
my Plein Air group, so should have some
South Florida Art ready! 
Art Synergy 2015 (Art Palm Beach) at the Palm Beach Convention Center starts Jan 22nd, I'll be working somewhere there, can't wait to see what these fabulous artists are doing now! If you are in the area, come and plan to go to Antique Row on Dixie Hwy. Don't forget to try out all the Fine Dining in the area while you are out and about :)
Have a nice week end in Palm Beach County! 

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