Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rudolf Pencil Pets for kid's class - How To Christmas Tutorial

Quick and Easy Christmas presents for your kid's class!
Basically this is all just made up on the fly while I was in JoAnn's Fabrics,
 so you may have to experiment around little!  :)


  • Craft Fur Fabric for Rudolf's head. 

 I bought a 1/2 yd. (60"width) which was enough to make these all the way through college, LOL!  ( I made 42 and used less than two strips that were approx 2.5" wide).

  • Felt for snout / nose - matches fur.  I cut a 1/2 inch rectangle and folded it into a tent for top of nose bridge.
  • Red PomPom for  nose tip.  Dab of glue and place on top of felt. (see pictures).
  • Wiggle eyes - Attach with a dot of glue. 
  • Pipe Cleaners - One for each reindeer, folded in half and each side bent into 'points' (you have to play around with this).  This will be tucked into top of fur rolled /folded around the pencil with a dab of glue.
  • Craft Glue is tackier than Elmer's and seems to hold better.
  • Duh...Pencils! 
Cut a 2 - 2/12 inch strip of fabric inserting scissors under the hairs so that you cut only the backing and not the fur on top.
 This will let the longer hairs grow over the edge of cut strip instead of being wacked into a blunt cut!
(see how fur is hanging below the fabric in pic?)
   Google this (how to cut fur fabric) for clearer instructions,  LOL!

Divide this strip into , oh maybe 3 inches (see picture with cutting lines drawn on strip).

Add glue to fur piece and wrap pencil.  (see pic).   IMPORTANT: Make sure the fur is growing DOWN before you glue onto the pencil.  ;)  LOL! or you will have a different kind of animal , LOL!

Put a drop of glue onto red pompom and place on top of felt tent and position on front of face.  ( I had to pre-glue and dry the nose snouts to keep them in a tent shape)

Add Eyes with a drop of glue.

Fold PipeCleaner Antlers and tuck into top.

Feel free to comment adding any improvements or suggestions / ideas for others or even just to clarify what I have tried to explain!  Do in any order that works best for you,  LOL!

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