Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sea Angel Art Doll

Thought about a tutorial after I had already started, but the plain, white, stuffed Angel dolls and the whole back story can be seen/read on the URNAngel website.
Gift of one ‘YOU ARE AN ANGEL’ Doll to an individual in the Las Vegas community, generally through an agency serving foster children, homeless families, hospital patients, etc. If you are interested in starting a gifting program in your community, email your request to
#1. Painted the face and wings with white gesso to seal the fabric. Let dry and paint on the face & wing color, (I chose gold).
#2. Needed to make her a fishy tail so she could swim fast if need be!   I marked a dot up from the center bottom of her dress and used button/carpet thread to cinch in the sides of her fin and knotted it and then wrapped the thread under the the center bottom around to the other side and through all thicknesses on the original dot/mark I made. Pull this tight to cinch up and separate her tail fins a bit. Knot 3xs for security!  ;)
#3.  Next I drew on her arms hugging her pet seahorse, then painted the whole thing, front and back. BTW,  there are two dolls here, one on front and the verso so when she is hanging by her ribbon loop, she will never be swimming backwards! Green Eyes on 1 side, Brown on the other  ;)
#4. I tacked on boa feathers for hair, added a GLOW Angel tag for her and sparkled up her scales with some glitter here and there and there, and there, and there....U can never have too much Bling!

PS.  If you would like this SeaAngel, the information for the charity is at (You Are An Angel)

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