Monday, December 14, 2009

Ecosystems, Trees Cool the Globe - KeROBinson Painting Demo

Plant your trees now!

IKEA, an international leader in promoting sustainable business practices, has teamed up with American Forests to clean the air and sequester carbon through tree planting. The average American family needs to plant 30 trees to offset the CO2 produced by their daily energy use. By planting your trees now, you will join IKEA and American Forests in planting trees to offset CO2 and cool the globe.

Helping to Solve the Problem
Plant trees. During photosynthesis, a tree "inhales" CO2 from the air and then separates the carbon from the oxygen molecules. The carbon is absorbed by the tree, which then "exhales" pure oxygen back into the air for us to breathe. This process, called sequestration is how forests have always helped regulate the earth's atmospheric balance.

Trees are natural regulators of the Earth's atmospheric balance, sequestering carbon and reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that builds up in the atmosphere. The less excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the lower the "greenhouse effect," and the less chance that we will suffer the devastating weather effects associated with a rapid shift in our planet's climate.

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