Monday, August 3, 2009

Rainy Night in Key West

This weeks auction special will be listed Tues night with a starting bid of $10.
(ahhhhhhh!!!! I can't even believe I am doing this, but am hoping it ends up where it can be enjoyed on an actual wall where people can see it! ) You know, it's the karma have to let go in order to receive....Literally! I'm not only a prolific artist, but I continually buy from other can never be too thin or have too much art! :)


beckielboo said...

I did a picture in these colors earlier this year. I was raging - not mad - just loud & wanted to paint red. Yours is so much brighter! Maybe I should try raging again!

beckielboo said...

I didn't even realize this beauty was available when I left the 1st comment. I droped over to Ebay to see what you had going on & couldn't believe my eyes!

I thought I should call her, I know she doesn't want to sell it for this low price! Really, we are friends now & if I do win, feel free to let me know if you want to relist it! I love it and want you to get a fair price!


I tried to bid on your beautiful flamingo - I redecorated my Mom's room into a beach theme - it would look great in there, but couldn't find the top of the reserve & I do have to be more careful these days.

As always, I am you friend, admirer and collector!

KeRobinson said...

Hey Beckie Boo! Sorry you didn't win the flamingo....but thanks for all your kind words! ;) What have you been painting lately?