Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Florida Folk Art Paintings - miniature

New Years resolution: try not to procrastinate. noticed I left the door open w/ 'try' :) Last year, I was supposed to clean out the studio, for a little constuction project w/o getting debris all over my work.....ah yea, well that never came to pass.....so am listing back (2003up) works at ebay and
http://WildPelican.Etsy.com ........
Here's a WIP work in progress that was inspired by a homeless man making/selling palm frond roses at the Orlando Art Farm I was at. He was kind enough to teach me and gave me a bouquet of three! He is originally from Ft. Peirce, used to mount fish & work on the boats in earlier times.
the 2nd pic is a sample of the miniature paintings I have on ebay/etsy.


Outside the Box Primitives said...

just love 'em...really colorful and inspiring!! hugs, robin

KeRobinson said...

Thanks, Robin!