Friday, November 23, 2007

"FLAMINGO Art Bead sculpted in Polymer Clay"

Listed in the gallery is another Focal Art Bead with a hand painted Pink Flamingo! All my Art Beads are un-strung loose beads, so these will have to be made into jewelry by those who know how...
I personally just like collecting interesting rocks, shells, & lamp work beads just to look at so am adding my own polymer beads to that collection. so far I have avoided the buttons..though I do have a few interesting ones..
Anyway, check out Art By Us! Only self representing artists selling their own creations! Lots to see & buy!
"Merry Christmas!" & "Happy Hanukkah!"


Anonymous said...

Come post a article about your beads for my readers. at

KeRobinson said...

AHhhhh! So Sorry! I just found this post! The hurrier I go the behinder I get..... Thank you for your offer! I will stop by & check out your site!